The Egg Lab Restaurant: delight yourself with Barcelona's gastronomy
The Egg Lab Restaurant: delight yourself with Barcelona's gastronomy
If you're looking for a unique gastronomic experience in Barcelona, you must visit The Egg Lab restaurant, united to Hotel Constanza through a connecting door. With a culinary proposal that combines Mediterranean cuisine and international options, this restaurant has become a must-visit place for foodies.

What does The Egg Lab offer?
The Egg Lab
’s mission is simple yet powerful: they want you to feel at home and enjoy a brunch that not only delights your palate, but is ethical and responsible towards the planet and local communities too. Their philosophy is based on collaborating with local producers and artisanswho share their vision, thus creating an honest menu of exceptional quality. At The Egg Lab, they strive to convey the message of “Feel good, do good”, which defines their slogan and approach.

From the moment you set foot in the restaurant, you realize that The Egg Lab is different. Their staff welcomes you with a warm greeting and a cozy environment that invites you to relax and enjoy. Here, responsibility is a fundamental value, and every detail is carefully selected to offer you an unforgettable experience.

What are The Egg Lab's products?
To start with, a wide variety of delicious products that will make your mouth water. If you're a coffee lover, don't miss the opportunity to try their specialty coffee. Working in collaboration with Tornado Coffee Roasters, a micro-roaster located in Granollers, The Egg Lab offers exclusive coffees from different origins each month. Ask the barista about the week’s coofe and be pleasantly surprised!

As for the ingredients, The Egg Lab takes pride in working with trusted local producers. Their eggs come from Calaf, where hens have freedom of movement, and the eggs are always fresh. The bread, one of the pillars of a good brunch, is baked every early morning by Forn Sant Josep, one of Barcelona's most traditional bakery families. And the milk, fresh and creamy, comes from Cal Porta farm and is delivered every morning to ensure its quality.

And if you're looking for something more than eggs in your brunch, The Egg Lab has options for every taste. From their pulled pork, cooked for over 9 hours to achieve that tender texture and smoked with almond wood, to their exquisite pastrami, whose preparation process takes 6 days and has been acclaimed as one of the best in Barcelona. You can also indulge in their fresh salmon, sourced from Norway and artisanally smoked with olive wood, cured for 72 hours with wild blackberries and a secret recipe.

Their menu
Of course, we can't forget the undisputed stars of the menu: eggs in all their forms and flavors. From classic benedicts and creamy scrambles to more exotic options like the Turkish Healthy Breakie with falafel and Turkish bread, or the Korean Chicken Benedict with spiced fried chicken. Each dish is carefully prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients to guarantee an explosion of flavors in every bite.

But it's not all about savory dishes at The Egg Lab. You can also enjoy some irresistible sweets, such as the Cynamon Roll Sweet Feast, made with cinnamon, vanilla cream, and homemade red fruit jam. Or the Sweet Apple Pancake, filled with candied apple, homemade dulce de leche, fresh apple, and caramel.

To accompany your dishes, The Egg Lab offers a variety of detox and refreshing smoothies. From the Go Green with spinach, cucumber, apple, and lemon to the Vitamine Sunrise with banana, carrot, ginger, and orange, these smoothies are the perfect option to balance flavors and enjoy a complete experience.

Come and enjoy a great brunch!
If you're looking for an exceptional gastronomic experience in Barcelona, you can't miss The Egg Lab. With its ethical approach, fresh ingredients, and unparalleled flavors, they guarantee a unique brunch that will delight all your senses. Discover why this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

And remember, if you want to rest after brunch, our Hotel Constanza is connected to this wonderful restaurant, so book now and don't miss the complete experience. We look forward to having you!